Cannadips CBD infused pouches
use a unique CBD delivery method
via oral absorption.

150mg of water dispersible Hemp CBD.
10mg CBD per pouch.
15 pouches per tin.
Available in 3 flavours.


Cannadips CBD infused pouches
are carefully tested to
ensure they are

made with Only Natural ingredients.
Terpene Rich.
Pesticide Free.
THC Free, Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free.



THC Free. Tobacco Free. Nicotine Free.

CBD Infused Pouches - Starter Pack
THC Free
Includes one of each flavour & a limited edition gift.
Gift and discount only available for the first 500 purchases.

€56.70 €45.00

Cannadips Logo White - CBD Infused in-mouth pouches.

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The Original Smokeless
CBD Infused Pouches

American Spice. Natural Mint. Tangy CItrus.

Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Full American Single Can.
THC Free


Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Natural Mint Single Can.
THC Free


Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused pouches. Tangy Citrus Single Can.
THC Free


Save 10% on each can
with a 4 pack

Or any combo of 4 or more cans.

CBD Infused Pouches - American Spice Four Pack
THC Free

€75.60 €68.04

Cannadips CBD - CBD Infused Pouches. THC Free, Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free. Natural Mint Flavour. 4 Pack.
THC Free

€75.60 €68.04

CBD Infused Pouches - Tangy Citrus 4 Pack
THC Free

€75.60 €68.04

What Canndips CBD
Users are saying

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4 months ago
John J.
Great new delivery method and can feel it working! Love the flavor and convenience!
5 months ago
Ryan C.
Took about 2 days before I noticed a difference in my pain. I had disc replacement surgery in my neck and I also have 5 herniated disc through my spine. Nothing has helping with the pain until I tried this product. I've been pain free for 1 week now. Would recommend this to others.
5 months ago
Thomas L.
This is amazing Ive been a dipper for about 5 years and have been looking for something better than normal and thanks to cannadips i found it this is the bet dip ive ever had it really helps me relax after a long hard day a work i love it

6 months ago
Todd A W.
Great taste and helps me relax. Helps calm my anxiety.
8 months ago
Jeanne S.
Great flavor!
9 months ago
Luke G.
I typically use mint snus, which has a burn to it, but it is ok. Your product was painful to use. I ended up throwing it away after the first few pouches.

9 months ago
Chris l.
Really good love it
9 months ago
mikhail k.
Very good stuff! Workers well, it takes pain away and the sleep is amazing. Thank you!
9 months ago
Jeremy E.
Awesome flavor and worked great. It was my first time trying cbd and it was truly amazing. Will definitely be purchasing more. Highly recommend

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